Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Brazilian masseur (a person who provides massages professionally) stops vital goal that influenced final result

 A football team masseur took matters into his own hands to ensure his team won through to a semi-final.  The masseur for the Aparecidence team (in white) slipped onto field with minutes remaining in a Brazilian Serie D final against Tupi, hiding out near the goalpost before making his move when Tupi looked certain to score with scores locked at 2-2.  With the Aparecidence goalkeeper caught well out of position, the man deflected one goal, then another before clearing the ball off the goal line.  He then began a mad dash to safety as opposition players and officials sought retribution.  The 2-2 result was enough to send Aparecidence through to the semi-finals, as they were the away team.  Tupi is reportedly taking the matter to court in an attempt to get the result overturned.

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